In 2014 the GVV (municipal administration unison) participated in “Stadtradeln” (= city cycling), which opted to support and promote cycling as a everyday means of transportation. Companys, clubs, schools, local councils and other groups were encouraged to take part in the initiative.

Cycling has been an important topic in the Baar region for quite some time. However primarly in a recreational capacity. Not enough people use their bicycle on an everyday basis even though the infrastructure is excellent. Many bicycle paths were created, special bicycle bridges built and safely parking bicycles has been made easy. The bicycle paths are well signposted and charted on city maps.

The campaign “Stadtradeln” of the GVV set out to advance everyday cycling, be it to work, job training or just to do some shopping. It shares this goal with the nationwide “Stadtradeln” campaign which tries to promote cycling all throughout Germany (


  • Bicycles have many advantages in our daily lives :
  • On distances less than 3km it is the fastest means of transport.
  • There are no traffic jams on a bycicle path.
  • There is no need to waste time searching for a parking spot
  • Bicycles are environmentally friendly.
  • Cycling is healthy.


And it pays off economically as well. The fuel costs disappear completely and if more people take the bike to work, employers don’t need as many expensive parking spots.

With 22 participants the campaign did not meet the expectations. At least the participants cycled 180 km on average during the three week project.

The companies Sick-Stegmann, Südbadische Gummiwerke and the Fürstenberbrauerei registerd teams. There was also a public team. The Environmental Bureau Donaueschingen, which managed the campaign offered prizes to those who cycled the most, gift cards for bicycle shops with a value of 100, 50 and 25€. Martin Klinger (Sick-Stegamnn) won the first prize, the second prize went to Sebastian Thieme (Südbadische Gummiwerke) and Brigite Vogt (Sick-Stegmann) landed on third.

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