Saving energy creates both environmental and economic advantages. A particularly large amount of energy is required to heat homes. This section will provide you with information concerning opportunities to save energy, consultation offers and contacts. You can also find out more about building energy certificates and the energy saving check.

The BUND offers a (German) leaflet containing energy saving tips.

Different goals and strategies are contained within the GVV’s energy sector’s resolutions and documents.
Links to documents:

• Sustainability in Donaueschingen (German)
• Donaueschingen’s 2008 environmental statement (German)
• Communal action plan to limit climate change (DS) (German)
• Hüfingen’s 2007 environmental statement


Energy engagement in the towns of the Baar

The efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy is particularly important to the towns within the Baar region. Over the past 5 years, the amount of renewable energy produced in and aroud the towns has increased drastically. Two hydroelectric power plants were recommisioned, two wind farms have been constructed, particularly in Bräunlingen biogas technology is in operation and many homes are now equippped with solar panels. In addition, an increase in combined heat and power units (CHPs) have brought about a change in the way people are heating their homes. These changes allow several construction sites to be powered sustainably in Hüfingen and in Donaueschingen millions of kWh worth of waste heat are fed into local heating networks via CHPs.

The four towns manage their energy generation and consumtion communally. Donaueschingen, Hüfingen and Bräunlingen received awards from the regional government for their energy management in the 1990s. And in 2014 Bad Dürrheim was hailed the most “sustainable tourist destination”, thanks, in part, to their energy management policies.
These are the current energy reports:

Energy report Donaueschingen 2014 (German)

Energy report Hüfingen 2014 (German)
Energy report Bad Dürrheim 2014 (German)

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