Here you will find everything you need to know to switch to LED!

Take the winter time changeover as an opportunity to convert your lighting to efficient LEDs. When the nights get longer, the lighting comes to the fore again – but old incandescent and halogen lamps increase your electricity bill.

Save electricity, CO2 emissions and money!

„Everything LED“- Explanation film for easy conversion to LED lighting:

In our explanatory film, Ralf will show you how he can easily convert his lighting to LED and save electricity, CO2 emissions and money. Replacing a single 60 watt light bulb with an efficient LED saves e.g. 16 Euro electricity costs per year.
The film shows you step by step how you can switch your lighting to efficient LED lighting in a simple and uncomplicated way. It explains which aspects have to be taken into account during the changeover (e.g. base shape, brightness and light colour or colour temperature) and where you can dispose of your old lamps.

More helpful materials to help you make the switch to LED can be found here:

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“LED conversion for those in a hurry.”

Two-page quick guide that guides you through six steps to efficient lighting.

Download (in German)

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“Practical help for switching to LED lighting”

For all those who want detailed support during the conversion and more background knowledge.

Download (in German)

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See in our photo stories how you can easily switch to LED and how much money you can save.

LED Photostories

How to buy the right LED lamp: Download

This is how much you save when switching to LEDs: Download

LED Glossary“

Here you will find explanations of all terms relating to LEDs.


Buy efficient LED lamps: The EcoTopTen market overview offers help

You will find particularly energy-efficient and long-life LED lamps in the current EcoTopTen market overview. The EcoTopTen consumer platform – the Öko-Institut’s Internet platform for top ecological products – contains only LED lamps with energy efficiency class A+ and a luminous efficacy of at least 80 lm/W for LED lamps and 60 lm/W for LED spotlights. They have a service life of at least 20,000 hours. This corresponds to about 20 years with a burning time of approx. 3 hours per day! In addition, all EcoTopTen lamps with at least 50,000 on/off switches have a high switching resistance.

Click here for EcoTopTen market overview LED lamps


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