The Energy-Savings-Check gives owners of single- or double-family houses important information on the energy requirements of the building. Thereby is determined how renovation measures can be coordinated with an energetic remedial design.

More Information about the Energy-Savings-Check you can also find under

Craftsman with permission for Energy-Saving-Checks:

Käfer Heizung und Bad, Tilo Päßler
Bergring 11a
78166 Donaueschingen
Tel: 0771/ 83 28 80

Philippe Sire
Breschnekweg 13

78166 Donaueschingen
Tel: 0771 / 8988135

Hilmar M. Lutz, Gebäudeenergieberater
Auf der Pulz 1
78199 Bräunlingen
Tel: 0771 / 973187

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