Means of transport

Source: Federal Environment Agency

The car (52.4%) is still the most frequently used means of transport to go on holiday, followed by air travel (34.8%). Bicycles, buses and trains are used only by the fewest. But they are the most environmentally friendly means of transport. The following table provides a comparison:

It is provided by the Federal Environment Agency and compares the emissions of Co2, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter from different modes of transport. The calculation is based on the following degrees of utilisation:
Car: 1.5 passengers/car assumed, airplane(domestic): 71%, railway(long-distance traffic): 56%, railway(local traffic): 28%, Lienbus: 19%, tram: 19%. Aircraft clearly performs worst in this category despite the highest load factor.

The aircraft is clearly the worst performer in this category despite the highest load factor.
In the categories of nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emissions, long-distance rail transport leads. So why not buy a train ticket for your next holiday? Other traffic data can also be found at

The further away the holiday destination is, the higher the emissions tend to be. So why go to Canada in the mountains, when the Alps are just as beautiful and practically on your doorstep?

However, the bicycle does not emit any emissions (not including the manufacturing process). So how about discovering Germany by bike? And such a holiday is not expensive at all. You can find inspiration for cycling tours and long-distance routes of all kinds here!



The choice of accommodation is also a decisive factor for the environmental and social compatibility of your trip. How energy- and water-saving is your business? What is there to eat? How is nature treated locally and where do the profits go?

You can find out more about ecotourism, inspiration for holiday destinations and a checklist for sustainable travel on Holidayextras. It’s not always easy to stay on top of things. Various labels offer a clue, which are explained and compared here in more detail.

A holiday on an organic farm is a great experience, especially for families with children. On this portal you will find a large selection of farms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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