Saving energy creates both environmental and economic advantages. A particularly large amount of energy is required to heat homes. This section will provide you with information concerning opportunities to save energy, consultation offers and contacts. You can also find out more about building energy certificates and the energy saving check.


Energy commitment of the Baar cities

Source: Elisa Riva / Pixabay

The efficient and environmentally friendly use of energy is a focal point of Baarstadt’s environmental commitment. In the last 25 years, the on-site generation of electricity from renewable energy sources has multiplied. Several hydropower plants have been put back into operation and two wind power plants are harvesting wind power. Numerous biogas plants were built and many roofs were equipped with photovoltaic plants. But also local heating supplies on the basis of combined heat and power plants or wood have spread.
Stadtwerke Hüfingen thus supplies several building areas, in Bräunlingen an industrial estate is supplied with biogas waste heat and in Donaueschingen several million kWh of heat are fed into local heating networks from block-type thermal power stations every year. Find out more about funding programmes in the field of energy here.

The four cities have introduced systematic energy consumption monitoring (municipal energy management). In the 1990s, Donaueschingen, Hüfingen and Bräunlingen received the municipal environmental award of the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment for their energy commitment. Bad Dürrheim was recognized as a “sustainable tourism destination” in 2014 – the efforts to achieve sensible energy management also played a role here.


Windpark Länge

A wind farm with 7 turbines is planned along the length of the Neudingen and Fürstenberg districts.
In the adjoining area “Ettenberg” on Hondinger Markung further turbines are to be built. The wind turbines are controversial, among other things because of the changes in the landscape.
Here you can see how the wind farm would look from the Wartenberg:

Photo simulation of the solar complex (click to enlarge)

Survey on the low-energy house commitment

The environmental office conducted a survey among the clients who had to build low-energy houses in Donaueschingen and Hüfingen between 1993 and 2003 according to the specifications of the city. Today, almost everyone is happy that they achieved a better energy standard at that time.

The results are documented here:


The BUND offers a (German) leaflet containing energy saving tips.

Different goals and strategies are contained within the GVV’s energy sector’s resolutions and documents.

Links to documents:

• Sustainability in Donaueschingen (German)
Donaueschingen’s 2008 environmental statement (German)
• Communal action plan to limit climate change (DS) (German)
• Hüfingen’s 2007 environmental statement

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