As part of its climate protection efforts, the City of Bad Dürrheim is establishing a municipal environmental promotion program for the promotion of photovoltaic systems in private households for 2017.
The programme supports new installations and the expansion of photovoltaic systems for private residential use. The subsidy amounts to a lump sum of € 250.00 per kWp, with a maximum of € 1,000.00 per system. The funding volume of the funding programme is € 5,000.00 per funding year.
With a photovoltaic system, homeowners have the opportunity to generate a considerable part of their household electricity themselves at a reasonable price. Surpluses are fed into the grid and remunerated. If intelligent technology or careful timing succeeds in shifting electricity consumption to the solar time of the day, the system becomes even more economical.
Using house roofs to generate solar energy has the advantage that a contribution can be made to regenerative energy supply without using agricultural land.

Application for promotion of PV systems on private residential buildings

Contact person:
Mrs. Letulé

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