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In 2017 and 2018, area managers worked for the Donaueschingen Association of Municipalities. A working group consisting of the companies ARCUS from Bräunlingen, Ökonsult from Stuttgart ( and Institut für Stadt- und Regionalentwicklung from Nürtingen ( was commissioned. The aim was to reuse previously unused land and vacancies. The project was supported by the Ministry of Economics with 60,000 € from the programme “Flächen gewinnen”.

In addition to attractive town centres with good infrastructure, lively cities also need a sufficient supply of living space for young and old. In order to prevent the village centres from becoming deserted and to preserve nature and agriculture in the outside area, priority should be given to developing unused areas in the interior. Empty buildings or buildings that have lost their function could be redeveloped, and fallow inner-city plots could be developed.

The project area manager is supposed to develop these literally fallow potentials in all sixteen suburbs of the GVV Donaueschingen by contacting, informing and advising the property owners.

You can download the final report of the “Area Manager” project here (in German!).

The following video from the state government explains why inner development is so important for the municipalities:



Many institutions are concerned with saving space and sustainable urban development and offer materials on the Internet:

Nature Conservation Association
Regional nature conservation association
Federal Environment Ministry
Ministry of economics


Demography report

Statistical data are evaluated for the three cities, illustrating what developments can be expected and how supply and demand for different types of real estate are developing.

The demography reports for Donaueschingen can be viewed here:

Demography and Real Estate Donaueschingen 2015 – 2035

Demography and Real Estate Hüfingen 2015 – 2035

Demography and real estate Bräunlingen 2015 – 2035

In Bräunlingen and Donaueschingen, surveys were also carried out among senior citizens 70+ on their housing situation and wishes. In Bräunlingen 161 people took part in the survey, in Donaueschingen …….It turned out that only a few senior citizens have a barrier-free bathroom, an elevator or caretaker services in their house, but most would like to have one. Conversely, most people have a garden, but most would like to get rid of it. This indicates that many would be willing to move if suitable and affordable offers were made in the immediate vicinity.

You can view the results graphically here:

Evaluation of the Donaueschingen Senior Citizens Survey

Evaluation senior citizens survey Bräunlingen


Consulting offer

Is the renovation of my old building still worthwhile or is a new building recommended? What is the best way to develop my unfavourably located property? And what does all this cost me? For such and other complex questions, the municipalities offer free advice for owners even after the project has been completed.

How does it work?

Non-binding advice can be given to owners of gaps between buildings and vacancies, potential investors, but also senior citizens who have their house and garden over their heads. Advice is usually provided on site. Since each case is different, there is no standardised procedure, but only suitable individual solutions.


Your contact persons:

If you are interested in a consultation, please contact

Donaueschingen: Lara Schneider Email:, Phone.: 0771 857187

Bräunlingen: Matthias Blenkle Email:, Phone: 0771 603136

Hüfingen: Gudrun Bäurer Email:, Phone.: 0771 600961


You can also read what the press has to say about internal development. You can find the articles in our press review.


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