The following final reports are available:

Final report pumps (German)
Final Report biogas (German)
Final report publicity campaign (German)
Final report evaluation (German)
Final report IT (German)
Final report interior lighting (German)
Final report Wastewater treatment plant (German)
Final report energy balance sheet – local heating network (German)
Final report commercial networking (German)
Final report building analysis (German)
Final report in its entirety (German)

Protecting the climate by replacing interior lighting

As part of a comprehensive climate protection concept conducted by the GVV Donaueschingen, the energy saving potential of the civic municipal buildings’ interior lighting was analysed. Thanks to advances in lighting and control technologies a lot of electricity can be saved.
In particular in the nursery in Wolterdingen and the Fürstenberg grammar school action needed to be taken. Consequently, several lights were replaced and a usage-based control system was introduced. The project was financed using a grant from the Federal Environmental Agency.

The following measured were implemented:

a) 21 luminaires were replaced with more energy-efficent lamps with electronic ballasts at the Fürstenberg grammar school. Each lamp will save 31W of electricity. Installing presence sensors is expected to reduce usage by up to 500 hours annually. By investing 27,323€ it was possible to save 64% of the electricity which translates to 26 tCO2eq over a 20 year period.

b) The nursery in Wolterdingen had the 16 T26 ring lights in each of its two classrooms replaced with modern fluorescent lamps with electronic ballasts. By installing presence sensors the usage could be reduced by 300 hours annually. By investing 3,903€ power consumption will be reduced by 57%, reducing emissions by 14 tCO2eq over a 20 year period.

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