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The cities of Donaueschingen and Bad Dürrheim have had an overall CO2 balance drawn up by the Schwarzwald-Baar-Kreis energy agency within the framework of funding from the Ministry of the Environment. With the exception of the transport sector, real values for energy consumption from various sources have been included as far as possible, including evaluations of chimney sweep data. The entire balance sheet is based not on the polluter pays principle but on the territorial principle. In the area of traffic, the emissions that take place on the roads in the respective municipal areas are shown, i.e. including the supra-regional traffic on the federal roads.

In both cities, per capita emissions are slightly above the national average. In Bad Dürrheim this is mainly due to the motorway running across the Markung, in Donaueschingen to the disproportionate share of the manufacturing industry.

CO2-balance Donaueschingen

CO2-balance Bad Dürrheim

In Bad Dürrheim, a supplementary catalogue of measures was adopted to reduce CO2 emissions in the city’s sphere of influence.

In Donaueschingen, suitable measures have been compiled in the climate protection concept.

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