Source: Envrironment Office

The Federal Building Act and the Regional Planning Act pursue the goal of an orderly structural development. Building land should only be used to the extent absolutely necessary. Development should not lead to urban sprawl, but should take place in compact settlements. This is the purpose of urban land-use planning.

The preparatory urban land-use planning is carried out by the land use plan, which always represents the entire area of a municipality or planning community. It is accompanied and developed from a landscape plan. The development plan, on the other hand, regulates binding urban land-use planning in a defined area of a municipality.

The Federal Building Act requires that building land be made available only to the extent absolutely necessary to reduce land consumption. This is far higher than required by the federal and state sustainability strategies. This is why it is so important to mobilise inner-local building potentials (vacancies, gaps between buildings) through inner-city development.
Planting bids are laid down in development plans in order to reach attractive green residential areas and to compensate for interventions in the natural balance. As far as possible, such plantings should be made with indigenous trees and shrubs.
You can view lists of recommended trees and shrubs here.

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