Fauna-Flora-Habitat areas (FFH) are based on European legislation. Together with the bird reserves, they form a Europe-wide network of protected areas designed to ensure the conservation of biological diversity.
Within the FFH areas, only those areas are actually protected which are home to FFH biotopes.
Further information on which species and which habitats are protected by the Habitats Directive can be found here:


Name Profile Map Place
Baar, Eschach und Südostschwarzwald Link! Link! Donaueschingen, Bad Dürrheim, Bräunlingen, Hüfingen u.a.
Nördliche Baaralb und Donau bei Immendingen Link! Link! Bad Dürrheim u.a.
Wutachschlucht Link! Link! Bräunlingen, Hüfingen u.a.
Südliche Baaralb Link! Link! Hüfingen u.a.
WutaBlumberger Pforte und Mittlere Wutach Link! Link! Hüfingen u.a.
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