As landscape protection areas, particularly attractive and interesting landscapes that are not or only slightly structurally overstamped are placed under protection. These areas are of great importance for recreation and nature experience.

Name Profile Map Place
Birken-Mittelmeß Link! Link! Donaueschingen-Pfohren, Bad-Dürrheim
Huflen Link! Link! Donaueschingen
Weiherbachtal Link! Link! Donaueschingen-Wolterdinger
Kirnbergsee Link! Link! Bräunlingen-Unterbränd
Achdorfer Tal, Buchberg und Mundelfinger Viehweide Link! Link! Hüfingen-Mundelfingen und Hausen u.a.
Wutachschlucht Link! Link! Bräunlingen-Döggingen, Hüfingen, Hausen u.a.
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