Noise action planning in the south-Baar region

Source: Manfred Grohe

Due to the EU Environmental Noise Directive, communities exposed to a significant level of traffic noise must establish a noise action plan. The initial step in the planning process is to assess the noise situation with a primary focus on traffic noise. Noise caused by air traffic, recreational activities und industry are not assessed. Roads carrying more than 8200 vehicles per day must be included although the towns within the south-Baar region have extended this to include roads carrying 5000 vehicles per day. Based on this, an impact analysis is conducted to show how many citizens are affected by noises exceeding an avergae of 65 dBA during the day and 55 dBA at night. Consequently, measures to reduce the level of noise exposure were discussed by the municipal councils. Possible measures include:

•    speed restrictions
•    low-noise road surfaces
•    measures to reduce traffic
•    nighttime driving restrictions for lorries
•    noise barriers and sound-proof windows

However, the local authorities currently only have limited control capabilities to implement changes.

Donaueschingen, Hüfingen, Blumberg, Bad Dürrheim, Brigachtal, Mönchweiler and St. Georgenin have decided to jointly commission the noise action plan in order to reduce costs and utilise synergies. The contract went to the engineering office Möhler und Partner in Munich. The reports for Donaueschingen and Hüfingen have been completed and are available here (only available in German):

Link Donaueschingen
Link Hüfingen
Bad Dürrheim

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