In 1997 the GVV (municipal administration union) started debating common communal environmental quality goals. Together with the Technological Impact Assessment Academy of Baden-Württemberg meaningful goals regarding the environmental protection were discussed for a time frame lasting until 2010. This discussion included about 25 interest groups and public authorities.

The decison making followed the maxim of the ‘tolerated concensus’; objectives and measures were only ratified if every involved party backed them.
The project came to an end in 1998 with one final meeting. By 1999 the environmental quality goals were ratified by all three communes consentaneously.

Over all the agreed upon objectives and measurments have to be considered a comprehensive, detailed programme of action in regard to protecting the environment. Because a consensus was achived among groups with such contrasting interests – for example the chamber of commerce an industry and environmental organisations, construction authorities and agricultural interest groups – the programme is considered to be a balanced one. As the discussions took place and presented an agreed upon programme beforehand there is less potential for conflict during the realisation-phase which ultimatively makes implementing the plan much easier.

The final report can be downloaded right here. (German):

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