EU project: “Communal sustainability management”

Source: Greg Montani / Pixabay

From 2005 to 2009 the town of Donaueschingen took part in an EU project, which contained the collection of experience from various cities in Europe regarding the communal sustainability management.

The goal of this operation was the integration of management instruments for all plans and operations at a communal level into the three dimensions of sustainability (environment, economy and society). Based on a status description new objectives have been set, necessary actions were executed and the results were validated. The whole process was highlighted with the use of statistics, which impartially describe the development of the town and also give the opportunity to compare it with similarly structured cities.

Within the project Donaueschingen was managed by the Lake Constance Foundation. In May 2007 the first sustainability report was ratified by the local council. This report contains 150 indicators regarding the various topics and also embraces measurements for the following years. During the gathering of the report, many agencies, interested parties and other communal actors were integrated.

The report can be downloaded here!

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