Land development plan

For what purpose certain land is intended is determined in the land development plan. It is not as detailed as a land-use plan and not lot accurate, but binding for the authorities.
land development plan GVV Donaueschingen

The full report can be downloaded here:
report land development plan 2020

The changes made to the plan in 2013 can be found here.

The following documents show which areas are meant for wind power stations:

detailed maps:
Guldenen Abgrenzungen
Längen Abgrenzung


Land development plan Bad Dürrheim

city core


Landscape plan

Parallel to the land development plan the landscape plan determines how the general landscape is supposed to develope. Important objects of protection, like soil, water or living space are analysed and displayed in maps.

downloadable documents:

landscape plan (ZIP-Archiv, ~ 20MB)


Saving space

A big concern of environmental protection is reducing new building areas to a bare minimum. The development of empty sites and buildings in the town has to be prioritised over developing new land outside of town. A short film from the Ministry for Traffic and Infrastructure explains why this is important.

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