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Do you want to buy a new car?

The VCD-Auto-Umweltliste offers reliable evaluation of all current cars from an ecological point of view.

Do you want to share a car?

Car-Sharing is an attractive alternative to owning your own car. More information is availabe here Car-Sharing-Verein Südbaden-Freiburg. Car-Sharing allows you to make use of a car easily and comfortably without baring the burden of high fixed costs. The town of Donaueschingen and the Environmental Bureau also take part in the car-sharing scheme and have had positive experiences. The club Mobile Baar has two cars available in Donaueschingen and is always pleased to welcome new members. https://www.carsharing.de/index.php?option=com_filialen&Itemid=41&task=show_detail&filialen_id=30&catid=0&filialen_land=0&filialen_ort=&filialen_plz

The following models are available to members:

  • Opel Corsa (at the train station)
  • Opel Zafira (at the Sebastiankapelle)

The platform “drivy” allows you to borrow someone’s car or lend someone your own car in exchange for a fee. Don’t worry, insurance isn’t optional.

Do you want to use public transportation?


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