Nature Experience Group “Südbaar”

The environmental office offers nature experience groups for children from 7-12 years. There are always different, child-friendly activities on the agenda, which familiarise the children with nature and its value in a playful way and impart knowledge. This is done through excursions into nature, sightseeing and guided tours. The management is in the hands of the trainees within the framework of the Voluntary Ecological Year.

In Donaueschingen, for each of the 3 groups there is a monthly full-day event (on Saturday) and a half-day event (on a weekday).

Registration is always possible for the winter or summer half year and costs 40 €. For siblings there is a discount of 10€. Afterwards your child can participate in all events of the respective group for half a year.

An overview of previous activities can be found in the programme archive.

Current programme

Note: This summer program has many hikes, some of which can be very strenuous, make sure that your child is able to do them!

You can download the summer program 2020 here (german version)


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