Nature Youth Club “Südbaar”

To children age 6 to 12 the Environmental Bureau offers the Nature Youth Club. The new programme starts in September 2015. Responsible for organising the groups’ meetings are the two ecological volunteers. The groups meet twice every month, once on Saturday for a longer excursion and once on weekdays. For the programme in Donaueschingen, Hüfingen and Bräunlingen the participation fee is 40€, in Bad Dürrheim 35€. Siblings get a 5€ rebate. The goal of the Nature Youth Club is to introduce children to nature in a fun and playful manner. This is not only achieved with excursions into nature; sightseeing and guided tours also play a role. However, the children should not just learn new things and have fun but also learn and recognize the value of nature and its endangerment.

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Current programme

You can get a printed version of the current programme at the Environmental Bureau or download it right here.

winter programme 2015/16, DS, HÜ, BR
winter programme 2015/16, BD



Programme DS-HÜ-BR winter 2015/2016

 Excursions  group 1  group 2
 group 3
Flying kites 30.09.15 15.10.15 02.10.15
Hedges adventure path 10.10.15 24.10.15 17.10.15
Pumpkin carving 21.10.15 11.11.15 28.10.15
“Blauer Stein” 21.11.15 28.11.15 14.11.15
Night hike 18.01.16 22.01.16 27.11.15
Train-odyssey 12.12.15 19.12.15 05.12.15
Christmas party 02.12.15 18.12.15 16.12.15
On the beaver’s trail 23.01.16 30.01.16 16.01.16
An afternoon in the snow 03.02.16 02.02.16 29.01.16
Triberg waterfalls 20.02.16 27.02.16 06.02.16


Programme Bad Dürrheim winter 2015/2016

Excursions group 1
The world of mushrooms 29.10.15
Autum leaves 22.10.15
Von Dörr- und Erdäpfeln 19.11.15
Night hike 03.12.15
Christmas handicrafts 17.12.15
An afternoon in the snow 21.01.16
Game enclosure Natzental 28.01.16
Forest adventure 18.02.16


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