Here you can register your child for the nature experience groups. Simply fill out the registration form below.

Please enter the names of children with whom your child would like to be in a group in the “Friends” field.

In the “bus ticket” field please enter whether your child has a VSB monthly or annual ticket (Yes/No suffices). This should be valid on Saturdays throughout the VSB area.

In the field “Pick up by” please enter the family (enter last name) by which your child may be picked up. If you do not enter anything, it may only be picked up by your family.

By registering, you agree to the following points:

  • I agree that my daughter/my son takes part in the events of the Nature Experience Group Südbaar.
  • I agree that my personal data will be stored electronically.
  • I acknowledge that the employees of the Environmental Office Donaueschingen and their representatives and servants are only liable for grossly negligent or intentional damages. The environmental office has not taken out accident and liability insurance for the children.
  • I agree that photos of my child taken at the individual events may be used for the Environmental Office’s public relations work.
  • I accept that the Environmental Office may cancel appointments. This does not entitle me to compensation.
  • I accept the rules of the Nature Experience Group

Note: This summer program has many hikes, some of which can be very strenuous, make sure that your child is able to do them!


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