• The carers determine what is done, where one goes and what the children are allowed to do. However, children are welcome to make suggestions.
  • No one is allowed to leave the group without asking the carers.
  • On public transport, we are quiet and do not disturb other passengers.
  • When something is explained or shown, everyone must be quiet and listen.
  • If individual children are very annoying, they are given a warning the first time and a red card the second time. The third time the parents are contacted. They should then pick up the child immediately. If this does not work, we feel compelled to exclude the child from future events.
  • Of course, no garbage may be thrown away. If something is left lying around during a snack, it must be collected. This is done by the children themselves and not by the carers.
  • If you can’t come to an appointment, you should cancel it in time by phone or e-mail!
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