Here you will find information on creating a near-natural garden. We hope you enjoy yourself while gardening and wish you much success in your efforts!

Our brochure on natural gardens provides interested readers with advice on close-to-nature gardening. The brochure is avaiable at the town halls as well as the Environmental Bureau and can be downloaded right here (Natural garden brochure 2010, PDF 7,7 MB). The idea behind near-natural garden landscapeing is to provide living space fort the widest range of local plants and animals. A smart design will allow you to create valuable habitats, even in a small area. Sometimes small changes are already enough to create a home for songbirds, amphibians and butterflies.

Lists of suitable tree, shrub and fruit species are stored here.

Press Releases


German: Naturgartenbroschüre 2010, PDF 7,7 MB

Further Links (German)

Naturgarten e.V.
NABU: Ökologisch Leben – Balkon & Garten

Enthusiasm for the nature garden and its inhabitants can arouse this article, which appeared in early 2016 in the magazine Chrismon:

Artikel: Ich rette die Natur!

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