Your contact persons:

Dr. Gerhard Bronner

In addition to the office management and participation in all areas of work, he takes care of
Special tasks such as interior development, noise action planning and sustainability issues.

E-Mail: gerhard.bronner(at)


Joachim Kaltenbrunner, Specialist for energy issues

Joachim Kaltenbrunner is a building system engineer and takes care of energy management, documentation and analysis of energy consumption and the implementation of energy-saving measures. It also processes the hazardous substances register.

E-Mail: joachim.kaltenbrunner(at)


Stefany Lambotte, Responsible for water development

Stefany Lambotte has been working in the water area since March 2017. She is a graduate biologist and environmental pedagogue. The main focus of the Environmental Office’s work is the renaturation of the streams on the southern Baar.

E-Mail: stefany.lambotte(at)


Katrin Schwab, Responsible for nature conservation and urban development planning

Kathrin Schwab is an agricultural engineer and takes care of development plans, ecological accounts, biotope networking and nature conservation.

E-Mail: Kathrin.Schwab(at)


Florian Bischler, Trainee

Florian Bischler is currently doing an internship at the Environmental Office. He works with the nature experience groups, takes care of the homepage and supports the other staff members.

E-Mail: Bufdi(at)


David Moser, Voluntary Environmental Year

David Moser started his Voluntary Ecological Year in September at the Environmental Office. Together with Florian Bischler, he is responsible for the organisation of nature experience groups and works in various other fields. After secondary school he uses the year to gain practical experience in the field of ecology and nature education.

E-Mail: Foej(at)

Mais Nashed, voluntary service

started her Federal Voluntary Service at the Environmental Office in December 2017. Together with Florian Bischler and David Moser she accompanies the nature experience groups. She is also involved in various areas such as land management and energy management. As a software developer, she also takes care of optimizing our IT.

E-Mail: praktikant(at)

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